May the roof above us never fall in
And may we good companions beneath it never fall out.

~Irish blessing

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Summer Garden

I have to admit our little garden is getting a bit overgrown. With me on crutches and Tom trying to get the second ensuite finished the weeding and pruning has had to take a back seat. At the same time though, I don't think the garden has ever been as beautiful. Perhaps being so housebound allows me more time to appreciate it, but I've always been partial to a bit of decay and jungle so unpruned stringy messes of salvias and gaura, studded with summer flowers and swarming with bees, really appeal to me.

In its second year, the garden is also full of little flowering surprises. Despite all the shade we have to contend with, it's definitely a summer garden. The spring garden never really got going the way I hoped it would. The foxgloves and roses were wonderful, but the spring bulbs, with the exception of a few freesias, mostly flopped and failed as if some fat animal had sat on them. Was it too dry? Not enough sun? Any tips would be welcome.

Right now though almost every visit to the garden brings a bright new discovery.

Ginger flowers in our little tropical hot spot.

A single water hyacinth flower surprised us yesterday.

The madagascar jasmine is finally in bloom and smells, well blooming amazing.

On the edible front it's all about finding those gems that really thrive on neglect. The perpetual spinach lives up to its name rain or shine and is a fantastic, easy source of cooking greens.

The corn, like many of our crops, is just too tempting to hungry critters, so we won't be bothering with it again. Such a shame as freshly picked corn is so delicious. We at least are lucky to get very fresh, yummy organic corn in our ceres order.

The tomatoes down the side are booming, and despite my concerns about poor air flow and blight, are so far so good.

Our baby is due now in only 4 weeks! While I'm hoping I'll be off crutches soon after the birth, I imagine just adapting to life with a small baby will also mean there's not a lot of time for gardening, so we're planning on streamlining the edibles to just herbs, trees and a few low maintenance favourites. The pond is a safety hazard for a crawling baby, so a new project has been devised to move the fish into this wine barrel...

then move the herbs into the fruit crates which will cease to house carrots, beetroots and other things that are are just getting eaten by rats and possums anyway.

Painting the back of the house is also something I hoped I'd finish this summer, but hopefully I'll sneak some time over the next few months between feeds, changes and naps.

And the nursery? It's all still in boxes while the second bathroom is finished off - otherwise the whole lot will get covered in renovation dust. We are very very close now though, so next week there should be a post on tiling with penny mosaics, then hopefully some nursery photos soon after that.

Oh, and I am tardy as usual, but I had to include these lovely blooms and say happy belated Valentine's Day.

My husband knows me too well. I love all flowers but especially the pink ones.


  1. There is something special about a rambling garden surrounding older houses. Much more appropriate in my mind than one beautifully tended! Mine is the same. How exciting, so close now...sorry you are still struggling along, won't be long now!

  2. I love the smell of jasmine, that would be great to sit outside and have it wafting past. :)