May the roof above us never fall in
And may we good companions beneath it never fall out.

~Irish blessing

Monday, January 23, 2012

Pottery Barn

Does anyone remember that episode of Seinfeld when Kramer keeps receiving unwanted Pottery Barn catalogues and ends up going down there and throwing them back into the store? 

For a long time that was my main association with the store when the name came up, and frankly 'pottery' + 'barn' doesn't conjure up the most glamourous impression. Being hauled up with pregnancy SPD though has left me with a dangerous amount of time to explore online shopping, and I stumbled upon their post-Christmas sale during some browsing a few weeks ago and found amongst, yes a fair bit of dagginess, some rather tempting wares. I have to be honest, the customer service and online ordering has been a difficult process. The shipping is expensive - even at half off which is their current special - and the disorganisation - mislabeled products, photos that don't match descriptions and emails that are responded to without being properly read are really annoying. For instance I ordered a bargain doona cover (or duvet cover as it is known in the states), made in Italy and lovely printed cotton on sale for $37 plus matching pillowcases (excuse me, 'shams') for around $14, only to be told that the 'shams' were sold out after I'd paid. Too late to cancel the order, I had to pay more than double for them through a US ebay reseller in order to get the matching look I wanted, but hey, it was still a lot cheaper than buying bed linen from somewhere like DJs so I didn't fare too badly in the end I guess.

My Romona: The Romana 'duvet' cover, but called 'Romona' on the PB website.

The order arrived quite quickly through DHL, and I'm pretty happy with my various little bargains. Not so happy the 'train rack' (just makes me think 'train wreck') towel shelf I ordered didn't come with it and seems to be lost in international postage somewhere, but otherwise everything seems to be decent quality, certainly for the price, and was packed safely for the journey. 

A nice, simple bedskirt. A glass butter dish. Finally a bin small enough for our ensuite. A 'paper holder' for the laundry loo, and a 'small marble canister' whose dimensions are annoyingly quite different from the photo on the website - I purchased it to hold toothbrushes in the new bathroom but it will have to hold cotton balls or something. It does match the measurements listed on the site though, so the lesson is read the fine print.

So for the most part, it's a thumbs up for Pottery Barn. It looks like stuff I could have bought from say a trendy boutique in Fitzroy but for a lot less money. And that reminds me, I picked up one of these Danlamp incandescent bulbs from Twenty21 on Johnston St.

Thanks Anita for the tip :) It gives the dining table a lovely romantic glow.

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  1. Oh. A pleasure. The Danlamp is cool, great for warm ambient lighting. Love you bedding from Pottery Barn. xx