May the roof above us never fall in
And may we good companions beneath it never fall out.

~Irish blessing

Friday, October 28, 2011

Spring Garden Update

It's been yet another busy week that's come and gone in a flash, but in view of the rain predicted for the long weekend I did find time to enjoy a spot of gardening yesterday, getting the tomato seedlings planted out for Cup Day and taking a few snaps of the Spring blooms...

The apricot foxgloves, sewn from the tiniest seed over a year ago, have finally fulfilled their promise of gorgeous speckle-throated flowers.

 I'm glad to say that all the bare-rooted roses we planted in June now have flower buds on them, but this Heidesommer has been the second to open and it's a show-stopper along the side of the house with beautiful cream to white flowers and an amazing honey scent.

I'm loving the little pink bells on this sollya vine, so pretty and delicate for an Australian native,

as is this 'Ivory Whip' grevillea which the possums are finally giving a rest, perhaps because spring has brought an end to the wintry garden famine elsewhere.

Another plant finally getting a thankful reprieve from the possums is the avocado tree which you may remember in August was being eaten to the bone. Can't say whether it was the Quassia or the plastic spikes we put along the fence, but as you can see it's at last making a healthy come back.

As for the other edibles, the Summer garden is coming along nicely with few dramas other than the sowing of the sweetcorn which has been a bit of a challenge. You'd thinking living just a few kms out of the CBD that we wouldn't have so much wildlife to contend with, but the morning after sowing the sweetcorn I found each and every corn kernel had been dug up and presumably eaten. No problem, I had plenty more in the packet so I just re-sowed them and covered the patch with these wire baskets...

but my plan was foiled.

The size and shape of the tunnel suggests a mouse to me, and I have seen the odd common house mouse around the place including a particularly brazen kitchen visitor that we've named Pierre. Unless I actually dig the wire down into the earth, I can't really see a way around this one, so I've just sewn the rest of the corn seed in pots and will have to transplant them when they become less-tempting seedlings.

Hope everyone's gardens get a good soaking this long weekend in preparation for Summer. Tom and I will be making the most of the time off getting a head-start on the bathroom, but will take some time out with friends to watch the ponies (and amazing roses) at Flemington on Tuesday. Good luck to all the punters.

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