May the roof above us never fall in
And may we good companions beneath it never fall out.

~Irish blessing

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ensuite: Before, During and After

Finally, as promised here, here and here, I have some before and after pics of the ensuite. While it's been a joint effort, thank you thank you thank you to Tom for making my little dream for this formerly pink and pokey room materialise.

So without further ado, the before...

the during...

and the after...

Walls and meatsafe: Murobond Marble

Methven Satinjet

White penny mosiac and subway tiles, grout in Dunlop Misty Grey

It's been quite a long haul, beginning with demolition some time before last Christmas where as you might remember we discovered no waterproofing under the old tiles and a chipboard subfloor that was decaying and riddled with earthworms! Perhaps it was for the best though, as it meant we had to completely pull out the old shower base, allowing us to get a bit more creative with the teeny tiny space.

For those wondering what happened to the print I purchased for this spot above the loo here,

my lovely Mum had it framed for me to match the print in our bedroom.

Pop Music by Violet May

Thing is, it's so beautifully framed I'm now not sure about hanging it in a foggy bathroom and am thinking it ought to go in the hallway. Mum thinks maybe a little unframed oil or acrylic painting might stand up better under the humidity of the bathroom? Or should we just leave it as is? I guess these things are never entirely 'finished'. Next weekend, demolition of ensuite #2 begins...


  1. Alison @

    "I don't know what's going on but am locked out of blogspot comments at the
    moment...aagh technology. Tried to post a comment to the effect of what a
    shocker, how gorgeous now and as a museum curator no the print in the
    bathroom. A disaster waiting to happen. Mum sounds very sensible! Hope all
    is well and you are enjoying the pregnancy!!!!! Alison"

    Thanks Alison! Appreciate a professional opinion on the print :) We're thinking we'll hang it somewhere else and perhaps I'll try to find a cheap little oil painting in an op shop somewhere.

    Hope blogspot gets working again for you soon. Not a great lover of technology either. I think I'd be happy writing under a kerosene lamp in one of your heritage houses :)

  2. Good morning! I love the all-white bathroom! Respect to you both for pushing through all the hiccups and hard work. What plants have you got in there? I've been keeping an orchid in mine lately. We have a photo framed of Central Park NY from last year's trip in our bathroom. How have you been feeling with bubs?

  3. Looks gorgeous, very timeless and elegant. I agree, leave the prints out of there if you want them to last, or get them laminated prior to framing maybe?

  4. Thanks Ladies :)

    Lucent Imagery, I'm afraid I'm hopeless with the names of indoor plants, and I always toss the tags away. There's a little orchid in there, and the fern is an apparently hardy NZ one because I love maidenhairs but they always fail in our chilly Melbourne home.

    All good with the coming bub thanks and feeling good :) Past the tired, nauseous first months so hopefully have a few months now to get on with getting the house done before I'm the size of one!

  5. Can you please tell me the vendor of the square shower drain? I love it! Thanks! Natalie

  6. And sorry, I am not sure where my manners went. You bathroom is lovely! Natalie

  7. Hi Natalie,
    Try the store "renovationboys" on eBay :) it's a good drain, just a cheapy around the $20 mark.

  8. I too am thinking of redoing my master bathroom and eliminating my ugly one piece plastic tub unit in favor of a walk in shower without a door. Do you have any issures with water running out of the shower surround and around the bathroom. That is my bigest concern is that I will end up with a wet bathroom floor after every shower. I guess that means it would be mopped daily. Ugh.

    1. Just make sure you get a sloped tile tray so the water runs toward the drain. You then tile on top of it so it's a seamless part of the floor. I think ours was made by Marbletrend. It's quite a gentle slope but we haven't had any problems.

  9. Love your bathroom! I just remodeled a very small "master" bath with almost the exact same layout with the same tile and grout combo, penny tile and jumbo subway. I especially love the look and feel of the penny tile. I opted not to do a walk in shower, but seeing it here makes me think twice. The plants are a great touch too!