May the roof above us never fall in
And may we good companions beneath it never fall out.

~Irish blessing

Friday, September 23, 2011

Spring Gardening

Phew, where did the week go? Well I'm glad it's Friday anyway, and I have a moment to quickly load some photos of what we were up to last weekend in the garden. All of this warm September weather (it was 28 last Friday and 25 yesterday) has been a reminder to get mulching and preparing the soil for the hot summer ahead. Something I'd noticed was the two camellias in the front, after flowering beautifully over winter, were not coping well in the full sun and drier garden bed in the front. It's not a part of the garden I want to invest too much water in, and the salvias, magnolia and grevilleas seem to cope with this very well. Just too dry for the camellias though I think because they were looking quite sad with browning petals and leaves, so we dug them up and relocated them into some large pots in the shadier back. Already they're looking happier and the delicate opening blooms have gone from this...

to this.

This left the front garden bed in need of some taller replacements aside from the magnolia, most of the other shrubs only grow to around a metre and a half and the plan is to develop a mixed screen to around 3 metres for privacy. I'd love to be able to open our bedroom curtains in the morning and look out at greenery rather than the razor wired carpark we currently have across the way.

In place of the camellias and a daphne we also repositioned, we planted this beautiful grevillea longistyla,

a dwarf eucalyptus forrestiana,

squeezed in this little ground-covering grevillea (sorry, the name escapes me)

and this dwarf cultivar of a hakea laurina.

Can't wait for its beautiful pincushion flowers.

So this weekend? Painting, painting, and more painting. And to all the camellia lovers out there, happy happy Friday :)

Image source: unknown. But isn't it beautiful?


  1. White picket fence and all! Gorgeous. Enjoy the weekend, hope the weather stays fine for you.

  2. Thanks Edwina! Yes, must admit painting that fence was a bit of a dream come true.

  3. Hello! So glad my batman's boat humour resonated with you! It's always hard to know if it comes across well in writing and when someone's never met you. So, I don't think I've commented since your BIG news!!!! Congratulations! I wish you well in every inch of this journey. And green thumbs up to your spring gardening success! My little pots are still alive which is cause for much celebration!

  4. Thanks Lucent Imagery and welcome back from your holiday! Yes, I keep meaning to show the batman boat to my husband who was recently in Oslo, it gave me a good chuckle :) Glad your pots survived the hiatus.