May the roof above us never fall in
And may we good companions beneath it never fall out.

~Irish blessing

Monday, September 5, 2011

Another Sunny Weekend

Another weekend of sunshine gave us more opportunity to get the front of the house done, and Tom was busy sanding, painting and getting those boards looking like new.

 Window frames: Dulux White Duck. Boards: Resene Half Napa

The wisteria is also taking note of the warmer weather and emerging from hibernation.

And of course it was Fathers' Day so what better excuse to get out Dad's old hand mincer and make a proper bolognese sauce for Sunday lunch.

All that cooking, eating and walking it off in the sunshine at the doggie park took up most of Sunday, but we still had time to get some towel rails up. Yay.

After buying this railway shelf we were starting to worry it would loom too large in the small ensuite but it's actually just right above the window there and really handy for storing extra towels.

Just a few final touches to do now, then before and after pics, I promise.


  1. We did diddly-squat at our place on the weekend. Love the colour of your weatherboards. xx

  2. Thanks brismod. Sounds like an enjoyable fathers' day weekend and a well deserved break from painting.