May the roof above us never fall in
And may we good companions beneath it never fall out.

~Irish blessing

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ensuite Update

After 7 months of essentially rebuilding the ensuite from scratch, it was so rewarding to take our first showers this weekend.

I've got to say, after reading so many glowing reviews of the Methven Satinjet shower head, I went ahead and ordered one but was still secretly thinking 'Can a water saving shower head really be that good?'. Thankfully, I can now say 'yes'! It's fantastic. Despite only using a meagre 7.5 litres of water a minute (conventional showers use about 22 ) you still feel like you can really crank it up, and it's very soft on your skin. For anyone in drought stricken areas I'd really recommend one.

The penny mosaic tiles are also a success. They make a great shower floor and as hoped feel sensational underfoot. 

And the little Chico 100 ceiling fan did its job valiantly this morning. This is another great little eco-friendly product as it has a built in back draft stopper. Look - no fogged up mirror!

So it sounds like the week end was smooth sailing. Well, not completely. We realised after testing the shower that we do need to tile the opposite wall. Even though we used water resistant plasterboard it's just getting too many splashes, and since it's such a small area we'll quickly waterproof and tile it next weekend. 

Another small hurdle was that somehow, perhaps through movement or miscalculations, the thread on the right shower tap spindle is not protruding quite far enough for the skirt to fully screw against the wall - it sits out about 2mm. So annoying! Two trips to the hardware store to try and get some sort of threaded ring to extend it were unsuccessful so Tom is going to have to dig out the silicone around the spindle and hopefully extend it from the other end. Another job for next weekend, and a reminder that whenever you're doing a renovation schedule, work out how long you think everything is going to take and then double it :)


  1. I was wondering what grout color you used in your bathroom. It's beautiful!

  2. Thanks Katherine. It's Dunlop Misty Grey. I do love it, but next time I think I'll go for a darker grey that hides the grime when I haven't scrubbed the shower in awhile!