May the roof above us never fall in
And may we good companions beneath it never fall out.

~Irish blessing

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ensuite Art

In small houses, the vertical wall space is precious real estate, and in our tiny ensuite any space that becomes available is highly prized. 

It looks very bare right now,

but in my mind it is filling gradually with the bits and pieces we have collected and stored over the past few months: an old meatsafe we are painting oxley green to stand next to the basin, inspired by the lovely cabinet below, 

a railway luggage rack to hold the new towels, picked up at the Restorers Barn in Castlemaine and very much like this one but in chrome,

this colourful Eames inspired door hook from Urban Outfitters,

and a few other little bits and pieces. What's missing though? Something for that blank wall above the toilet. 

At first, because storage space is so limited, I thought an old wall mounted timber shaving cabinet would do the trick. I really love little paintings and prints in the bathroom though, and sometimes I just get tired of the practical and just want something pretty, don't you?


Source: Homes and Gardens Magazine 

Source: Style at Home

 My mum has had a fantastic abstract painting in her bathroom for as long as I can remember, a mix of blues, greens and greys evoking waves and sky. An original painting is a bit out of our price range right now, so I looked up water themed prints online and found this:

I know some people might find a vintage travel poster a bit daggy, but I love the colours and it brings back wonderful memories of a holiday Tom and I had a few years ago, sort of a belated honeymoon, where we stayed in a small apartment with similar sea views on the ligurian coast.

I need to get it framed and can't decide on a frame colour. I'm thinking white or grey frame with no mask. Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

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