May the roof above us never fall in
And may we good companions beneath it never fall out.

~Irish blessing

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Come on in

Painting the front door posed one of those typical DIY dilemmas. We wanted to paint the door pillar box red, easy enough, but how to paint the security door to match? The house had been done some time in 90s in cream with brunswick green door and trimmings - a popular colour scheme for Melbourne Victorian houses in those days but a bit dated now.

A trip to San Francisco a couple of years ago made us fall in love with all the beautiful, vibrantly coloured row houses they have there and I took photos of many of them for future inspiration.

The lemon yellow and brick red of the  house in the middle (above) was a big inspiration but we thought yellow might be a bit too full on in our fairly subdued street, so we went for a greigy Resene colour called Half Napa for the weatherboards with white trimmings and a bright red door.

Now I know a lot of people would have just said buy a new security door, but a locksmith friend of ours had previously commented on what a sturdy, good quality door it was and we knew it would be expensive to replace. After some online research and enquiries at the local paint shop, powder coating seemed to be our best bet but when Tom started removing the door and its sturdy frame we realised it was much too heavy to transport on our roof racks to the powder coater.

Yes, we could have rented a truck, but at this point the budget and impatience prevailed and we went back to the paint shop and asked 'Can we just spray it?'.

I won't say it was easy. It took two tins of etch primer and 4 tins of 'Flame Red' Rust Guard, and Tom's spray finger is only just starting to regain some feeling, but it came up beautifully and we were able to match it exactly with the wooden door because I just got some rust guard in a tin and brushed it on to the wood over a grey base coat.

Here's the door before the security door is back up, still with the green and cream.

And after...

There's still a bit of painting to finish off but we're very happy with the overall result. Now for the inside of the door... I'm thinking duck egg blue?

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