May the roof above us never fall in
And may we good companions beneath it never fall out.

~Irish blessing

Monday, December 22, 2008

Yellow Tumbler

The first ripe tomato of the season. Yay!


  1. That looks like a delicious tomato, like you we have only had a couple of baby ripe tomatoes but we have lots of flowers on the tomatoes so here's hoping.This year we are using some of our coarser compost and dried grass cuttings instead of pea straw mulch. Other years we have mould and other problems so I am hoping by not bringing mulch from who knows where it might be better.
    Good luck with your garden.

  2. Thanks Maggie. To be honest, in the flavour stakes it's not my favourite, a bit thick skinned and tasteless. I've made a note of your Riesentraube for next year! I've also had problems with mould in peastraw mulch. So far so good with the sugarcane, but I agree it's better to stick with what's in your garden. I just made a big batch from some hedge clippings.