May the roof above us never fall in
And may we good companions beneath it never fall out.

~Irish blessing

Monday, December 8, 2008


I realised we have seven different varieties of tomatoes growing. I have heard about this addiction... All the varieties from seed were sown in early November and the plants from seedlings were put in around the same time. The Yellow Tumbler in the hanging basket (below) is the first to have little fruits forming. 

The other varieties are:

Red Cherry (from Franchi seed)

Burkes Backyard (from seedling)

San Marzano (from Franchi seed) & 'Pot Tomato' (seedling)

Tommy Toe (from Digger's seed)

Black Russian (from Ceres seedling). Our healthiest and fastest growing so far.

A bout of rainy weather brought some leaf spot to a few of the larger plants, but a dusting of copper and sulphur seems to have knocked it on the head and they're all going strong. Fingers crossed!

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